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Should you need advice on a strategic or M&A opportunity, like for example identifying new streams for revenue growth, or assessing if now is the time to attract a strategic or financial investor by selling an equity stake into your profitable small to mid-sized business, or if there is any opportunity in our area for your acquiring company and a good fit to your operations, please feel free to approach us separately at

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About Us
Black Sea Capital specializes in mergers, takeovers, management and leveraged buyouts, divestitures, turnaround management and strategic advisory, with deals ranging from EUR 5 to 150 million.

We, as M&A generalists, serve Clients in the lower range of the mid-market in a way the big boys don't, and we work hard to deliver value to each transaction. We feel that it is important that one M&A advisor handles the transaction process from beginning to end, and calling us late is not an intrusion. Therefore, when Clients say that they would like to continue getting advice from us, after we finalize the transaction and a sense of trust had developed, and they consider us their friends, we appreciate it enormously. Closing dinners are always memorable.

Mission Statement:
We build relationships, plan and operate with high energy to firmly establish Black Sea Capital as a preeminent, middle market, knowledgeable, execution resource firm.

A deal, be it on the sell- or buy-side, may take even between six to twelve months to reach the closing, has ups and downs and ups again, and each time the process is different. Sometimes, the entire marketing, bidding and negotiating process goes extremely smooth; buyers, for example, have a 'correct' approach, with proper letters that do not include unpleasant provisions or tricks, and their offers are fair. This case we do close the transaction quickly. No matter what the situation, we put a lot of work in structuring and executing the transaction, and this because we love what we do.
We are fully equipped, creative, and have the ability to act swiftly and professionally. When negotiations go tough, we are ready to go the extra mile and to extensively discuss the options. Definitely, M&A is not for those with a 9 to 5 attitude.

We don't beat about the bush, nor do we sell loans, brokerage services, market reports or audits. Instead, we possess the ability to build and maintain global relationships with diverse and multicultural backgrounds. Additionally, we go beyond the spreadsheets and pay great attention to those drivers that actually make the difference for our Client.

M&A are a great opportunity to realize a Company's strategic goals. First, we need to look at your Company's growth model and to determine where your value lies.

We're thinking:
There is a market trend toward consolidation. There are companies which have term investors, i.e. venture funds who have to exit. There are opportunities in restructuring. There are investment funds seeking placements in your industry. There are start-up situations looking for first stage or second stage financing. There is increasing market power and wealth from groups. And last but not least, there is a market with potential transactions. Therefore, let's meet and discuss on strategies, tactics and execution of specific transactions.
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